Get Pre-Qualified For Financing Now

    Finding your dream car is no longer an impossible task! At Harrisonburg Motors in Harrisonburg, VA, we have a wide range of used vehicles that can meet your needs – from family-sized minivans to fast sports cars. We also have auto financing to help you take advantage of a used car purchase that you’ll be happy and satisfied with when you leave our dealership!

    Not only do we offer competitive prices and friendly service, but our team will also inspect each of these vehicles, so you know they won’t break down as soon as you leave the lot.

    We want you to be happy with your next car purchase, so let’s find the perfect, high-quality vehicle for you. Whether it’s a sedan or an SUV, we make sure it fits your budget and lifestyle.

    At Harrisonburg Motors, our professional technical staff will conduct a thorough inspection of all vehicles prior to placing them in our inventory. We also offer the online option to request auto financing for your next purchase.

    Use Car Finder to find your dream car and book a test drive or book a virtual appointment.